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Sign-O-Saurus Casselberry Location

The story of Sign-O-Saurus

Sign-O-Saurus was born in 1999 as a single manned mobile sign company started by owner Alan Migliorato in Winter Park, Florida. Alan would travel from business to business and create signage and lettering for companies out of a single van that contained all of the necessary supplies.

After a few months, Alan’s reputation for his high quality work began to create a buzz in the area bringing in a flood of new customers. This led to the opening of the fist Sign-O-Saurus location in Longwood, FL. Here, Alan was able to create signage and vehicle lettering in a more comfortable space allowing him to increase his products' already superb quality.

Soon it was once again time to expand Sign-O-Saurus leading to the relocation of the current headquarters in Casselberry, FL where Alan was able to offer several new products such as screen printing, vehicle wraps and full digital prints. Soon after, followed the opening of the 2nd Sign-O-Saurus location in Daytona, Florida franchised and run by Alan’s longtime friend Greg Martin in 2004.

At Sign-O-Saurus, business owners can rest assured that help is always close by and we are eager to solve any of your advertising needs. With constant innovations in technology and creativity, Sign-O-Saurus can find the correct advertising methods that are right for your company’s growth and notoriety.

Meet The Team

Alan Migliorato - President - Sign-O-Saurus

Alan Migliorato

Founder and President of Sign-O-Saurus, Alan rules the shop with an iron fist.

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Goran Joksimovic - Sr. Web Developer

Goran Joksimovic
Sr. Web Developer

Resident code monkey. Passionate about soccer and Scandinavian speed metal.

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