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Alan Migliorato, President of Sign-O-Saurus has been named Seminole County's Small Businessman of the Year for 2011. With over 190 other nominees, the judging panel said that Migliorato's application stood out and shined above all others. The judges noted that they were so impressed with Migliorato's application and how his business has grown that they want to help him get his application to the next level, the regional awards level, where his application and nomination will be judged again for the regional businessman of the year award.

After that, his application may be judged at the national level. If Migliorato's application impresses the judging panel at the national level, he will be invited to Washington D.C. where he will meet the President of the United States. When asked how he felt about the possibility of meeting the President, Migliorato humbly stated "That would be a great honor, no matter who the president is. But I am just happy that God has blessed me with my family and my talents". When asked what the secret to his success was, Migliorato said "My business philosophy may sound strange to most people but this is it: "Put Family First". By that I mean that nothing is as important to me as my family. By doing the work I do, God has blessed me to be able to take care of my family, and I pour my soul into my work to give thanks to God for giving me the opportunity to do the work I do and take care of my family. By doing the best work I can possibly do and making sure nothing ever leaves my shop that is not what I consider perfect, I honor my family with every job I do and every project I take on. So by putting my family first, I always do my best work on every project." It's easy to see why Migliorato is so successful and why he was chosen for the Seminole County Small Businessman of the Year.

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